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August 2021 Minutes


August 11, 2021


Julie Alhden, Trixie Pankey, Marisa Perzee, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Kristy Arie, Lisa McMillan, Lisa Thiele, Heather Frank,Kathy Norcott Carrie Tammen

  • June 2021 Minutes Julie motioned to approve; Lisa M.  seconded
  • Treasurer’s business/report- Request for an additional debit card for concession stand purchases-Lisa M. motioned to approve, Lisa T. seconded  motioned to approve

Old Business

  • Outdoor concession stand flooring project update- project completed.  Invoice has been forwarded to Kristen for payment.
  • Arrow paintings for town update-Still in process, waiting on responses.
  • Sports Program/Ad Sales Update- Ads are going great, wrapping things up and things will be forwarded onto Iroquois Print as things are finished up this upcoming week. 
    Proposal was made for $500 to the yearbook for the ad; and $750 to basketball- Heather motioned it, Julie seconded it.  
  • Fall Duties- update

       * Pocket Calendars- (Trixie) they are in; being distributed. 

       * Concession Stands- (Julie, Marisa, Sandy) Looking into a new concessions door; Price increases based on cost increases.  Additional keys are being made (Kristy is getting them)

       * Pork Producers- (Julie)

       * Fire Dept- (Marisa) Danforth 27; Onarga 10th, GIlman 8th– one from each for the 16th.  Thawville is still getting back to Marisa.

       * Banks/Churches- (Lisa M) Meet the Raiders( Catholic Church 20th) Prospect bank 27th; Federated Bank 10th; First Trust Danforth 1st; Iroquois  Farmers 8th;  Life Church16th

       * Apparel- (Lisa/Trixie/Heather T)-LIsa and Trixie designed them, Iroquois print making them;Heather Tammen managing apparel table for games.

       * Popcorn/Bags/Napkins-Kristen K. picking them up.  (Napkins in storage)

       * Activity Passes-Kathy Norcott has those completed. 


New Business

  • Debit card for Concession Chairs/New President-motioned passed in Treasurers business
  • Open Houses-Mon/Tues each school is going to have a table with a pocket calendar.  Proposed that we have a table with activity pass for the Middle School (Julie Reed volunteering)
  • Meet the Raiders- Concessions, Apparel/Pass Table, Advertising, Other ideas- Starting at 5:30; Kristy is finalizing the schedule.  
  • Classes for Specific Sports:F-JV Football/Girls Basketball, Soph-Soccer & Volleyball, 

Juniors- Varsity FB Cookies/ Boys Basketball; Student Council are working powerpuff/ironman and taking proceeds for that night (30%)

  • Football Game Themes/ Form Committees-

Aug. 27- Youth Night(Trixie)/ Sept 10- Hometown Hero(Marisa, Clint and Lisa M.)/ Oct. 1-?(possibly cheerleaders mini camp)/Raiders Rowdies;  Oct. 8th- Homecoming & Tailgate (Lisa M., Lisa T., Julie R. Heather)  / Oct. 16th- Senior Day 

  • Equipment for upcoming MS Softball program-Kris Kimmel is asking for help with catchers equipment, helmets, game balls and storage bags for all;  More specifics may come in the fall after coaches are hired.  Up to $1500 was motioned by Heather F., Julie A- seconded it.  
  • Wall of Fame Committee Formation-tabled until the next meeting

Round table

Important Dates:

Next Booster Club Meeting: September 8th 6:30 PM

Julie moved to adjourn, Marisa seconded it.