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September Agenda 2021


September 8th 2021


  • August 2021 Minutes 
  • Treasurer’s Report  

Old Business 

  • Arrow paintings for town update- Julie
  • Sports Program/Ad Sales Update and Donations/Gift Card- Trixie
  • Concession Stand Updates- Julie/Marisa/Trixie/Sandy
  • Fire Dept/ Banks & Churches Update- Marisa and Lisa M.
  • Apparel Update- Lisa M. and Trixie
  • Hometown Hero Update- Marisa and Lisa M. 

New Business 

  • Uniform Rotation 
  • MS Student Council Donation
  • Theme for Oct. 1st- Cheer? or Karey has an idea to present
  • Themes for VB instead of Pack the Place
  • Homecoming Week- Concessions for Powder Puff and Iron Man, Golf Cart in Parade and Candy, Tailgate Committee (Lisa M/ Lisa T/ Julie R/ Heather F)
  • Metal Signs for the Field
  • Utility Pole Signs- Karey
  • Trailer- Clean Out Date/ Alternative Solution
  • Wall of Fame Committee Formation

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting:  October 13th/ Time-?