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September 2021 Minutes


September 8, 2021


Trixie Pankey, Kristen Kimmel, Julie Ahlden, Lisa McMillan, Jenny Leonard, Sandy Howe, Julie Reed, Marisa Perzee, Kris Kimmel, Karey Tammen

  • August 2021 Minutes: Kristen K. motioned to approve the minutes; Julie A. 2nd the motion; motion passed
  • Treasurer’s Report: Sandy H. motioned to approve the minutes; Marisa 2nd the motion; motion passed  

Old Business

  • Arrow paintings for town update- Julie: will be done before homecoming
  • Sports Program/Ad Sales Update and Donations/Gift Card- Trixie: Final total: $19,475; waiting on checks from a few; Programs printed;  Gift Card amount was proposed to increase to $75 Zach for ad sales this year; Kristen K.  motioned; Julie A. seconded; motion passed.
  • Concession Stand Updates- Julie/Marisa/Trixie/Sandy: No updates
  • Fire Dept/ Banks & Churches Update- Marisa and Lisa M.: All set, no updates.
  • Apparel Update- Lisa M. and Trixie: No update, will get an update this next week. 
  • Hometown Hero Update- Marisa and Lisa M.: In addition to free admission, Heroes will get some Raider gear from the table; Reading of essays at halftime before the band.


New Business

  • Uniform Rotation – $5000 to HS and $2000 to MS; $500 to the Student Council.  Lisa M. motioned to approve and Julie A. 2nded; Motioned passed
  • Theme for Oct. 1st- Cheer? or Karey has an idea to present:  A Down Syndrome awareness event; for every down, have a sponsorship/donation towards the fund. 
  • Themes for VB instead of Pack the Place-Trixie touching base with Raider Rowdies to see if they have any ideas;  Continue brainstorming for this, soccer, golf and CC
  • Homecoming Week- Concessions for Powder Puff and Iron Man, Golf Cart in Parade and Candy, Tailgate Committee (Lisa M/ Lisa T/ Julie R/ Heather F)- concessions hosted by student council; Tailgate update: Inflatables is confirmed; waiting on cotton candy update; Trixie taking care of music.
  • Metal Signs for the Field-they are up
  • Utility Pole Signs- Karey- Raider Pride on poles leading to the school
  • Wall of Fame Committee Formation- Trixie, Jenny and possible Kristy A. 

Round table

  • Trailer- Clean Out Date/ Alternative Solution: Looking at cost for storage pod. Julie R. is looking into cost
  • It was proposed that we feed the Paxton firemen the night of Hometown Heroes and donate $100 to the Paxon Fire Department for their generosity of letting us use theirs for our event.  Julie A. motioned; Trixie 2nd; Motion carried

Important Dates:

Next Booster Club Meeting: October 13th @6:30

Jenny L. motioned to adjourn; Lisa T. 2nded the motion; motioned passed