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February 2022 Minutes


February 8, 2022


Trixie Pankey, Lisa Thiele, Julie Reed, Lisa McMillan, Heather Frank, Marisa Perzee, Julie Ahlden, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel, Jim Price, Jason Thiele

  • Jan 2021 Minutes; Lisa McMillan motioned to approve the minutes; Jenny Leonard 2nded the motion
  • Treasurer’s Report-Julie Reed motioned approved; Heather Frank 2nded  


  • Jason Thiele – Football Request-Julie Ahlden motioned to approve; Jenny Leonard 2nded; put to vote, motion passed.  Headsets will be reimbursed in full of $4,110.
  • Jim Price- Track Request –Replacing the board in hallway; school is covering half the purchase, the other 50% is looking to be covered.  Lisa McMillan motioned to approve, Heather Frank 2nded.  It was put to vote and motion passed.  

Old Business 

  • Wrestling Mat Update-things are still underway
  • Winter Sports Awards Night-Julie, Lisa McMillan and Julie A. offered to help serve cookies
  • Baseball/Softball Concessions-still working through school activities as fundraiser before looking outside of school organizations. 
  • Popcorn Popper at MS-parts are hopefully on the way to get things up and running. 
  • Pass given away at senior night; Gift Card and giveaways for “Feel the Love”

New Business 

  • Valentine Night @ MS-Valentines Day giveaways; raffle for Raider Pride
  • Wall of Fame 2022 Inductee-Recognizing the Eimens as our “Super Fans”;  It is too late in the year to bring back an individual or team.  That will be starting up next school year.  
  • Leftover Concession Items-Using leftover soda for pizza parties; selling the candy to softball
  • 2022 Coaches Dinner-Confirmed for April 1st; 6-7 apps and dinner served at 7
  • 2022 Cash Bash-waiting to get confirmation if we have a location before decision next month
  • Mini Storage Building- Football Field: Julie was able to get a catalog;  Trixie is going to talk to Mr. Lekkas before further research.  

Round table

Jenny Leonard motioned to adjourn; Lisa Thiele 2nded

Next Booster Club Meeting: March 9th 6:30