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January 2022 Minutes


January 19th 2022


Trixie Pankey, Kristen Kimmel, Heather Frank, Kristy Arie, Lisa MicMillan, Lisa Thiele, Jenny Leonard, Marisa Perzee, Kathy Norcott


  • October 2021 Minutes-Lisa McMillan moved to approve; Jenny Leonard 2nd; motion passed
  • Treasurer’s Report-Following up on a check for apparel. Heather motioned to pass the treasurer’s report; Marisa seconded; motion passed

Old Business 

  • Concession Stand Updates- Julie/Marisa/Trixie/Sandy- Marisa and Julie are bringing receipts for concessions.  
  • Apparel Sale- Karey (Trixie)- minimal apparel left; planning on keeping them for giveaways
  • Outside Concession Stand Door-Trixie is working on the door repair.  Follow-up at next meeting if it needs repair or replacement.
  • Raider Rowdie Update-Abby Fisher ordered supplies with money that was provided
  • Wrestling Mat Update-Dave said he would have another update for the next meeting.  They are close to having all the funds and should be getting it purchased soon. 
  • NFHS Update-Seems to be working better

New Business 

  • MS Request- Locker Rocker-requesting monetary donation to help with their program.  Supplies go to support the kids/athletics for different things (stickers, signs, etc.) Heather F. made a motion to donate $500; Jenny L. seconded; motion passed.
  • Winter Programs-being delivered tomorrow morning
  • Feel the Love Donation- February 12th-Candy/Soda and tshirts are donated every year.  
  • Youth Basketball Hoop Loan- No Program this year; balance remains until program starts back up
  • Winter Sports Awards-March 3rd @7; Trixie picking up cookies and punch
  • Pep Band at Games-might come but not set in stone
  • Hometown Hero Scholarship-set to $500 this year
  • Senior Nights- Boys BB, Girls BB, Wrestling, Rifle, Cheer, Pep Band
  • Facebook Issues- Spam Links-Trixie updated security settings
  • Baseball/Softball Concessions-branching out more to teams/clubs/DC
  • 2022 Coaches Dinner-checking availability for April 1st or 2nd then the 9th.
  • Mini Storage Building- Football Field-Julie following up at a later date
  • Cash bash discussion-tabled until next meeting

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting: Feb. 9th 6:30

Jenny L motioned to adjourn; Lisa T seconded; motioned passed