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April 2022 Minutes


April 13th 2022

Attendance: Trixie Pankey, Kristy Arie, Lisa Thiele, Lisa McMillan, Heather Frank, Kristen Kimmel, Kris Kimmel

  • March  2021 Minutes-Kristen K. motioned to approve, Lisa M. 2nded; motion passed
  • March Treasurer’s Report-Reviewed all incoming/outgoing- Lisa T motioned to accept; Lisa M. 2nded–motion approved.

Guests-No guests

Old Business 

  • Wrestling Mat Update-things are moving along and should be wrapped up soon. 
  • Storage Building Search Update-Jenny was absent from the meeting, but she has researched options.  

New Business 

  • Spring Sports Awards- Volunteers, Cookies, Punch Supplies-Set for May 19th at 7pm; Lisa M and Trixie P volunteered to take care of cookies/punch
  • Ad Sales for 2022-2023 Programs- Letter Updated and Supplies Needed to be purchased

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting: TBA- June – Planning for the next school year/ apparel committee formed/ Elections

Lisa M. motioned to adjourn; Heather F. 2nd; motion passed