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August 2022 Minutes


Aug. 17th, 2022


  • Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Lisa Thiele, Jenny Leonard, Kris Kimmel, Kristen Kimmel, Kristy Arie, Kara Izquierdo, Marisa Perzee, Julie Read, Jen Kraft, Sandy Howe


  • June 2022 Min- Lisa McMillan motioned to approve; Jenny Leonard Seconded’ motion passed
  • Treasurer’s Report- June did not have a lot of activity; July expenses were reviewed.  More ad checks will be received in August and will be included in our next meeting.  Marisa motioned to accept the report; Julie seconded; Motion passed


Old Business 

  • Wrestling Mat Update-they are still working on finding the rest of the funds
  • Storage Building for Football Field-purchased-$5100/ Shelves, Hooks & Bins-things are completed!  The only thing we are needing to finish the project is the purchase of some storage tubs for apparel
  • Ad Sale Update-$14,225-There’s only 2 more checks waiting on being collected.  Pictures are being taken at Meet the Raiders and programs will be ready for the September 2nd game
  • Concession Stand Door- purchased and installed
  • Air Rifle Target-They are asking for $3,344;  Julie motioned to approve; Julie seconded; motion passed
  • XC Tents-Have been purchased; one red and one blue
  • Bigger Arrows for the Road/Painters-
  • Fire Departments for Grilling/Location of Grill 1st game- Danforth, 2nd game-Gilman, 3rd game-Thawville; 4th game- Onarga; They’ll be grilling in the parking lot. 
  • Banks/Churches for Concessions-things are filling up! 
  • Apparel/ Passes-Passes are in; apparel is in and ready to go!

New Business 

  • Vidswap-discussed committing to a price lock-in for 3-5 years and covering the costs.  Julie motioned to cover the cost; Sandy Howe 2nded; motion approved
  • Meet the Raider-no updates
  • Youth Night-handing out raffle tickets; water and candy (if we have enough for little cheerleaders for the camp, they will receive too)
  • Committees for Tailgate and Hometown Hero- 
  • Jenny motioned was made to approve purchase for candy for the homecoming parade; balloons; 1st hour of face painting; cotton candy; inflatables; Lisa T. seconded; motion passed
  • Theme Night- Soccer, Golf, XC, and VB, MS -Girls, Baseball, Softball, MS XC-pushing for parents of those sports to see if they would like to put together for us to support

Julie motioned to adjourn; Lisa T seconded; motion passed. 

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting:  Sept 14th