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June 2022 Agenda


June 29th 2022


  • April 2022 Min
  • Treasurer’s Report


Old Business 

  • Wrestling Mat Update
  • Storage Building for Football Field
  • Ad Sale Update
  • Concession Stand Door
  • Booster Bash- September? 

New Business 

  • 4th of July Parade
  • Air Rifle Target
  • Tent for MS XC and Track
  • Fence Cups Question
  • Goal Post Painting
  • Bigger Arrows for the Road/Painters
  • Themes for this Football Season/ Meet the Raiders Date & Ideas
  • Positions for this year- Board Spots & Elections/Concession Coordinators/

Apparel Committee/ Line up Fire Dept/ Line up Banks and Churches

Current Board- 

President– Trixie Pankey (Media Chair/ MS Concession)

SecretaryLisa Thiele

Treasurer  –  Kristen Kimmel

Vice President, Gilman  –  Marisa Perzee (indoor concession coordinator)

Vice President, Crescent City  –  Julie Ahlden (outdoor concession coordinator)

Vice President, Onarga  –  Julie Read

Vice President, Danforth  – Jenny Leonard  /  Sandy Howe (help with MS Concession)

Vice President, Thawville  –  Doug Miller

Round table

Next Booster Club Meeting:  Aug. 10th