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June 2022 Minutes


June 29th 2022


  • Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Lisa Thiele, Jenny Leonard, Kris Kimmel, Kristen Kimmel, Kristy Arie, Kara Izquierdo, Marisa Perzee, Julie Read, Karey Tammen, Jen Kraft


  • April 2022 Min:  Jenny L. motioned to approve; Lisa T. 2nded; motion passed.
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Kristen Kimmel reviewed expenses: Lisa M. motioned to approve; Marisa P. 2nd; motion passed

Guests: Kara Izquierdo, Jen Kraft

Old Business 

  • Wrestling Mat Update- Still pending; Kristy is going to touch base on the purchase
  • Storage Building for Football Field:  $5,115.00 for the building.  That does not include gravel or pavers.  Need board approval; May need to arrange town approval for delivery (will be a wide load).  Lisa M. motioned to approve the purchase up to $6,000.  Kristen K. 2nded; motion passed
  • Ad Sale Update-Volleyball working with Trixie.  Wrapping things up this next month for an accurate total.
  • Concession Stand Door-needs to be replaced.  Exact total and information will come via message later next month.
  • Booster Bash-Decided against

New Business 

  • 4th of July Parade-Lisa M. is bringing the mule.  Kristen K. motioned to purchase candy and throw outs for the parade.  Julie R. 2nded; Motion passed. 
  • Air Rifle Target-Looking for a range; $3,344.00 is the cost for one.  They are needing two. 
  • Tent for MS XC and Track-Kris K. shared the needed purchase of 2 sports canopies; Jenny L. motioned to approve; Karey T. 2nded; Motion passed. 
  • Fence Cups Question-actually being moved/replaced.  
  • Goal Post Painting-district taking care of that this summer
  • Bigger Arrows for the Road/Painters-will work on this in the upcoming month
  • Themes for this Football Season/ Meet the Raiders Date & Ideas
    • 9/2: Youth Cheer/Youth football
    • 9/16: Homecoming/Tailgate
    • 9/23: Hometown Hero
    • 10/21: Senior Night
    • Meet the Raider: August 19th
  • Positions for this year- Board Spots & Elections/Concession Coordinators/

Apparel Committee/ Line up Fire Dept/ Line up Banks and Churches

Current Board- 

President– Trixie Pankey (Media Chair/ MS Concession)

SecretaryLisa Thiele

Treasurer  –  Kristen Kimmel

Vice President, Gilman  –  Marisa Perzee (indoor concession coordinator)

Vice President, Crescent City  –  Julie Ahlden (outdoor concession coordinator)

Vice President, Onarga  –  Julie Read

Vice President, Danforth  – Jenny Leonard  /  Sandy Howe (help with MS Concession)

Vice President, Thawville  –  Doug Miller

Round table-soccer field/track location

Marisa motioned to adjourn; Kristen 2nded; motion passed

Next Booster Club Meeting:  Aug. 9th @ 7 @ MS