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Agenda May 8th 2019


Wednesday, April, 2019

  • April Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Equipment purchases  
  • Ad letters have been sent and already receiving checks.  Hope to meet with track coaches this week.
  • Next year concessions
  • Apparel for next year


New Business

  • Sports Awards on May 23rd
  • Summer fees for sports programs
  • Hats from football team
  • Officers for next year- elections in June
  • Golf outing
  • Continue discussion of fundraisers, Cash Bash


Round table

Important Dates:

  • Spring Sports Banquet May 23rd @ 7:00

Next Booster Club meeting June 12

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Minutes March 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT-Coach Stone, Coach Arie, Rob Fink, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Trixie Pankey,  Marissa Perzee, Jeff McMillan, Tony Miller and Dalton Reed

MINUTES: Febuary minutes were approved by Julie , Rob Fink seconded: all in favor.  

TREASURE’S REPORT: February report read by Heather and made a motion to approve, Julie seconded, all in favor.  


Pay out 40% to Junior Class for Basketball concessions

Send bill to Iroquois Federal for reimbursement of popcorn

Coaches dinner went very well  at Shagbark and will consider doing it there again next year

Pitching machine is already in and being used by baseball team and track team needed indoor equipment instead of high jump.  Big tent was ordered

Via email we had decided to reimburse state wresting for their dinner on the way home from state tournament.  Kristin will reimburse.



We received a $634 donation from memorial of Becky Pankey that was earmarked for football

Discussed cleaning out concession stands

Heather will email Coach Massey about ads and hopefully get other volunteers

New advertisers were discussed to send letters to-Freetime Fitness, Jason Scharp, and new Veterinarian.  Heather said she would mail/emaill out letters

Heather will give Junior class some old apparel to give out at post prom

Cash Bash was tabled until the next meeting

Discussion was had on next year’s concession being ran by different classes in the fall- volleyball, soccer, and maybe JV football.  Also would add in cookies to the concessions. We then would give the classes a percent like we do the junior class for basketball. Coach Arie said she would discuss it with Mr. Houberg.  

Discussion on plaques for wrestling in the trophy case. Coach  Arie was going to talk to Central to try to mimick what they do.

Rob Moved to adjourn and Julie seconded.


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Agenda April 10 2019


Wednesday, April, 2019


  • March Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Equipment purchases being looked at
  • Volunteers for Ad programs
  • Will send ads out by May 1.  Will talk to track coaches to have team go around to businesses on early outs in May
  • Gave t-shirts to Post Prom


New Business

  • Ad Program letter
  • Football – ATV and camera
  • Apparel for next year
  • Continue discussion of fundraisers, Cash Bash
  • Next year concession stands


Round table

Important Dates:

  • Spring Sports Banquet May 23rd @ 7:00
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Agenda March 13, 2019


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

  • February Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Coaches dinner – much appreciation from the coaches- any ideas or suggestions for next year
  • Equipment purchases being looked at
  • State wrestling


New Business

  • Memorial Donation
  • Concession stands to be cleaned out
  • Volunteers for Ad programs
  • Ideas for ads to get new businesses/ pricing of ads
  • Mailing of ad letters
  • Post prom and distribution of funds to Junior Class
  • Continue discussion of fundraisers, Cash Bash
  • Ideas for next year concession stand workers

Round table

Important Dates

Next Booster Club meeting April 10

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Minutes February 2019

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES- February 12, 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT: Stacy Connor, Kristen Kimmel, Coach Stone, Coach Arie, Trixie Pankey, Marissa Perzee, Tony Miller, Jeff McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Coach Massey

MINUTES: January minutes were reviewed.  Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Julie Ahlden seconded; All in favor- motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  January report presented.  Marissa Perzee moved to approve; Cecilia seconded.  All in favor.


  • Winter sports awards- advertisement- twitter, social media, announcements and one call; will not do letter again.
    • Heather- order cookies and punch
    • Rob, Heather, Cecilia at the table
  • Shooting machine- will be ordered prior to summer basketball begins
  • All-Terrain vehicle- Coach Stone continue to look for vehicle if found then will send an email out
  • Coach’s Appreciation Dinner- please RSVP
    • Raffle items- 2 $100 vouchers for clinics
    • 6- $50 gift cards and some apparel items
  • Youth League Hoops- $4450 for two hoops will be needed; will need payment around March
    • Motion was approved last month
  • Baseball Concessions- music department
  • Softball Concessions- Current 7th grade parents




  • Baseball training machine- on Wish List asked by Coach Rhodes.  
    • Discussion on where it will be kept
    • Cost- $2000 estimate
    • Julie Ahlden made a motion made to purchase baseball training machine; Trixie Pankey seconded
  • Collection of Ads:
    • Coach Massey present at the meeting will lead collection of Ads
    • Need Booster liaison and parent representatives to help teams
  • Left over concessions- what is left will be given to Youth League to use on Saturdays and will have the profits
    • MS dance can use concessions and sell what is left
    • Popcorn and oil can give/sell to Music Department (popcorn and 2 bottles of oil.
  • Concession Cleaning- email to send out to clean both concessions
  • Wrestling- question on recognition on accomplishments at IW;
  • Invest in Iwest- donation question from community committee; will need an answer within a week
    • Excess of $1,000
  • Cash Bash- committee will need to meet to start planning; tentative date August 17, 2019

NEXT MEETING March 13th at 7:00

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Agenda February 2019


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

  • January Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Winter Sports awards- March 4 at 7:00

Heather – order cookies and punch

Cecilia – pick up cookies

Rob, Heather, Cecilia at the table

Need to advertise on Twitter, announcements and have a one call ( no letter?)

  • Shooting Machine will be ordered before summer basketball begins.
  • All Terrain vehicle is still being looked for.  Looking for best deal. Need to decide if funds will be given toward it if needed- $2500 from class of 2017.
  • Coaches Appreciation Dinner is March 2 at Shagbark- Please RSVP if have not done so.

Need raffle items bought.  We did gift cards to local restaurants or ones that advertised.  Also 2- $100 vouchers for clinics. Other ideas?

  • Youth League Hoops- amount needed to loan youth League
  • Baseball concessions- Music Department,  Softball is still open.


New Business

  • Baseball Training machine on wish list for  baseball team
  • Collection of Ads for Programs- Track and cross country was contacted via email to collect on them but have not heard back from coaches.
  • Left over concession- not much left.  Propose we just let it be used by the Youth League on Saturdays and they can have the profits.  Also a MS dance ln March that it can be sold at. Popcorn and oil we could give/sell to Music Department.( not much popcorn left, and 2 bottles of oil)

Round table

Important Dates:

  • March 2nd  Coaches Dinner AT Shagbark
  • March 4th Winter Sports Award at 7:00

NEXT MEETING March 13th  at 7:00    


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Minutes January 2019


Members present included Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Trixie Pankey, Jeff McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Amy Miller, Tony Miller, Rob Fink, Marisa Perzee, and Coach Arie. 

MINUTES – October 2018 minutes were reviewed. Rob moved to approve; Cecilia seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.  

TREASURER’S REPORT – October, November and December treasurer’s reports were presented. In addition, it was noted that Midwest Dental will receive a complimentary ad in the sports program for their donations. Stacy moved to approve the reports and Rob seconded. All in favor.    


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Discussion took place on whether to continue the bricks project or not. Consensus was to continue the project and order bricks as we can.

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAMS:   Programs are done.

THANK YOU: “Thanks” were extended to everyone who contributed to the activities held on December 22. Fun was had by all. 



WINTER SPORTS AWARDS: Winter sports banquet will be held March 4 at 7pm.  Heather will order cookies; Rob will help run table and Cecilia will pick up cookies.  

COACHES APPRECIATION DINNER:  Dinner will be similar to last year.   Heather will check dates and possible locations.  (March 1 or March 8) Location will be Inside Out or Shagbark.   

PACK THE PLACE: HS Girls BB – Thursday, January 10 and HS Boys BB – Friday January 11 vs Watseka.

BASEBALL CONCESSION STAND: An email will be sent to coaches asking if anyone wants baseball concessions.

FEEL THE LOVE: Feel the Love will be at the HS Boys BB Senior Night on February 8. Boosters will donate items similar to last year.

IW YOUTH LEAGUE BB UPDATE: The previous month Boosters had authorized a loan of up to $4,000 for portable hoops. Coach Arie requested that the funds be authorized up to $4,500 due to the cost of the hoops.  Stacy moved to increase the total loan amount to $4,500. Julie seconded. All in favor.

ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE: Coach Arie presented a quote for a new all-terrain vehicle.  The total was $9,000. Coach Arie explained that the Class of 2017 was donating around $2,500 toward the vehicle.  Discussion continued that there may be a member of the community willing to donate a used one. Boosters will help reach out to community members in hopes that someone will help donate toward the cause.

NEW PROJECTS/COACHES’ REQUESTS:  Boosters discussed the updated “Wish List” presented. Projects for distribution of funds were discussed at length.  

There was extensive discussion about the basketball shooting machine. The prior meeting minutes were reviewed that authorized the funds if there was a place to store the machine. The machine will be purchased.

Cecilia moved to allow Girls BB to purchase a tablet instead of a laptop as authorized at the last meeting.  Julie seconded.

Rob moved to invest up to $1,500 for tents that can be used for IW sports programs, understanding that cross country and track will be the primary users. Julie seconded.  (It was suggested that coaches contact Coach Arie to use the tents.)

Stacy moved to purchase 1 pair of high jump standards for track up to $800.  Cecilia seconded.

Julie moved to purchase one full weight rack and one adjustable bench for this year for the weight room and one each for the next two consecutive years.  Rob seconded.

Additional discussion took place, and Coach Arie and Coach Stone committed to continue to prioritize and review needs organized by immediate, long-term and highest priority.  

Rob moved to adjourn.  

NEXT MEETING:   February 13, 2019

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October 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – October 10, 2018

Members present included Heather Frank, Cecilia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Bob Campbell, Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Amy Miller, Doug Miller, Rob Fink, Hanns Meyer, Julie Read, Marisa Perzee, Coach Rhodes and Coach Arie.

MINUTES – September 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Cecilia moved to approve; Trixie seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT – August and September treasurer’s reports were presented. In addition, a summary of the cash bash was reviewed. Stacy moved to approve the reports and Julie seconded.   All in favor.


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Gate is in place.   Lots of compliments given.   The school will purchase a lock.

APPAREL AND PASS SALES:  Apparel sales and pass sales are going well.

WINTER SPORTS CONCESSION CHAIRS:  HS Girls BB – Amy Schunke; HS Boys BB – junior class (Suzy Manahan); MS Boys BB – Lisa McMillan & Marissa Perzee; MS Girls VB – Carrie Davis.

FALL SPORTS AWARDS:   Banquet will be November 6th at 7pm.  Cecilia will get cookies.   Trixie, Rob, Julie will be there.


Introduced and welcomed Julie Read.


PACK THE PLACE: HS VB – Thursday, October 18; MS Girls BB – Monday, November 12 vs Nash; MS Boys BB – Possibly December 17th, but not for sure; HS Girls BB – Thursday, January 10 and HS Boys BB – Friday January 11 vs Watseka.

OUTSIDE CONCESSION STAND – Last event October 19; Repaint the floor when time allows; bring in water heater; Sunday, October 21 @ 5pm.

WINTER SPORTS PROGRAM – Make sure all players are in pictures; Heather will email Kathy; 1st home events are November 20 and Boys BB November 27.

THANK YOU’S – Lisa will send Thank You’s to fire departments; Cindy G, pork producers, and businesses.


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September 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – September 5, 2018

Members present included Heather Frank, Cecelia Lopez, Kristen Kimmel, Stacy Connor, Coach Stone, Bob Campbell, Trixie Pankey, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Rob Fink, Hanns Meyer, Marisa Perzee, and Coach Arie.

MINUTES – August 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve; Cecelia seconded.  All in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Due to moving the meeting up a week, the treasurer’s report will be presented once the bank statement is received.


BRICKS FUNDRAISER:   Bricks are up; gate will be up soon.

OUTSIDE POPCORN POPPER:   New popper is in.

OUTSIDE WATER HEATER:   New water heater is in.

APPAREL AND PASS SALES:  Apparel sales and pass sales went relatively well considering the weather at the first game.   Fans requested ponchos and umbrellas be sold.

MS STUDENT COUNCIL:   Sponsor has been hired.   She will line up student workers for concessions.

HOMECOMING:  Heather will drive the golf cart in the parade.  Heather and Lisa will throw candy.  At the homecoming game, we will have a drawing for Raider gear.

POP:  The cost of pop will now be $2 per bottle.   Pork burgers are now $3.

GOLF OUTING:  The golf outing was a success.   The golf team will send a check.

CASH BASH RECAP:   Cash bash was a success and we will hold another one next year.   Boosters reviewed what we can do better for next time.   Desserts will be added next year.



UNIFORM DONATION:  The high school will receive $5,000 for uniforms and the middle school $2,000; same as last year.


YEARBOOK DONATION:   The yearbook will receive a $500 donation for helping with the programs.   (Same as last year.)

STUDENT COUNCIL PAYMENT:  The MS student council will receive the same $500 donation for lining up student concession stand workers.

HS SOFTBALL:   The HS softball team will receive their donation as determined on the percentage of ad sales.   (Approximately $500)

DECALS:  The decals will be distributed to business.   Boosters are very thankful for the businesses’ donations.

MS GIRLS BB:   Heather will sell passes and apparel on September 11.

FALL SPORTS AWARDS:   Tabled to the October meeting.

NEW PROJECTS/COACHES’ REQUESTS:  Trixie moved to allow up to $750 to be spent on a new camera for football and HS boys’ basketball to share to film games.   Julie seconded the motion.   All in favor.   Potential long-term projects were discussed; and boosters and coaches were encouraged to bring additional ideas to future meetings.



Discussions about getting more volunteers for concessions.

Discussions about senior night for soccer.

Rob moved to adjourn.


NEXT MEETING:   October 10, 2018 @ IWHS 7 pm



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August 2018 Minutes

IW BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES – August 8, 2018 Meeting

Members present included Rob Fink, Kristen Kimmel, Julie Ahlden, Lisa McMillan, Heather Frank, Stacy Connor, Trixie Pankey, Carrie Davis, Doug Miller, Bob Campbell, Amy Miller, Coach Stone, and Coach ArieaHh JimJi JjjjjjjjjjjJHansHans.

MINUTES:   July 2018 minutes were reviewed.  Rob moved to approve the minutes; Carrie seconded, all in favor – motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report for July was presented.   Doug moved to approve, Rob seconded, all in favor – motion carried.


BRICKS UPDATE:   Bricks will be up by Meet the Raiders night.


AD PROGRAM:  Programs are in process.

MEET THE RAIDERS CONCESSIONS:   Meet the Raiders is August 17.   Doug Miller and Rifle Club will work concessions.   Booster representation at parent meetings will be as follows:   VB – Cecilia; FB – Stacy; MS BB – Katie.

REGISTRATION AND APPAREL RECAP:   Carrie moved to purchase apparel to meet the minimums required by BSN.   Lisa seconded the motion.

MS STUDENT COUNCIL:   Waiting for person to be appointed.

FALL DUTIES:   Follow up discussions on duties assigned for fall sports.   (Boosters need volunteers to help with apparel during the home games.)


POP FOR INSIDE CONCESSIONS:  There will be no more cans sold indoors.   Boosters will sell the 12 oz. bottles.   There will be fewer varieties for sale.

BOOSTER MAIL:   Coach Stone will get booster mail to the middle school.

CLEANING CONCESSION STANDS:   Cleaning for outdoor concession stand set for August 16 @ 9am.

HOMECOMING:  Concessions for Powder Puff – Boosters will work with Student Council sponsor Aimee Chandler.  Heather Frank will have the golf cart in the parade for the booster club.  Trixie and Coach Arie will work on other homecoming ideas.

PACK THE PLACE:  HS VB Pack the Place will be October 18 vs. Cissna Park.

FUND RAISERS:   Discussions about cash bash.


Doug moved to adjourn.

Next Meeting:   September 5, 2018 at IWHS at 7:00 pm