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July 2020 Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- July 29, 2020

Members present include: Heather Frank, Lisa Thiele, Rob Fink, Julie Alden, Jenny Leonard, Kristy Arie, Kris Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Jeff McMillan, Kathy Northcott, Marisa Perzee, Trixie Pankey, Angelo Lekkas, Erin Smith, Julie Reed, Zachary Meister

MINUTES: June minutes were reviewed. Trixie Pankey moved to approve; Julie Alden seconded; All in favor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – June Treasurer’s report presented. Jenny Leonard moved to approve; Marisa Perzee seconded; All in favor- motion carried; Check with treasurer regarding payout for middle school dance payout; Lisa Thiele made a motion to approved the payouts for girls and boys basketball concession; Lisa McMillan seconded


  • Check with treasurer regarding payouts for middle school dances and payouts for Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball concessions



  • Rob Fink stepped down Julie Reed to step and take in
  • Volleyball system- middle school is in need for a new volleyball system with discount 4,600 same as high school 
    • Julie Ahlden made a motion to cover entire costs; Trixie seconded
  • Hudl Sports for High School sports
    • Questions for Hudl is what if sports get canceled; do we get the money back
    • $3,600 for Boys and Girls Basketball and 1,900 for football
    • Tabled for next month
  • Volunteers to help at registration table next week- need volunteers; reach out to a member
    • 7-10
    • 4-7
  • Apparel will sell at the registration table


  • Homecoming date will be reset
  • Weight room still being offered


  • August 5th School registration

NEXT MEETING: August 12th @ 6

Julie motioned to adjourn meeting; Jenny seconded it; meeting adjourned

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June 2020 Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- June 30, 2020

Members present include: Heather Frank, Lisa Thiele, Rob Fink, Julie Alden, Jenny Leonard, Kristy Arie

MINUTES: March minutes were reviewed. Rob moved to approve; Jenny seconded; All in

favor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented. Julie moved to approve; Rob seconded; All in favor- motion carried; Check with treasurer regarding payout for middle school dance payout

  • Check with treasurer regarding payouts for middle school dances and payouts for Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball concessions



  • Concession payouts for classes from Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball





  • Check with treasurer regarding payout for middle school dance payout
  • MS AD- Kris Kimmel; Welcome Kris Kimmel!
  • P.O. Box- Would be helpful in the summer to get mail; Cecilia made a motion to get a PO Box for the IW booster club; Julie seconded



  • Advertisement- discussion on asking businesses for advertisements; decision made to see what guidelines are set by the state
  • Officers- please let Heather know if you are still interested in being officer
  • Rob would like to give his position up- Onarga representative 
  • Football: if season starts, there are some games on Saturdays


  • August 3rd School registration
  • Homecoming Game Friday, September 18th

NEXT MEETING: July 29th @ 6

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Minutes March 2020


March 12, 2020 Minutes


  • Attendance: Cam Stone, Trixie Pankey, Rob Fink Kristen Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Jenny Leonard, Lisa Thiele, Zachary Meister, Todd Hull, Marissa Perzee
  • February 2020 Minutes- Minutes were presented.  Kristen moved to approve; Rob seconded- motion passed
  • Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer’s report presented.  Rob moved to approve; Jenny seconded-motion passed. 

Old Business

  • Baseball and Softball Concessions- Trixie is meeting on Monday to review 
    • Mrs. Pendry (Music) will do baseball concessions
    • Potential for DC Trip Kids to do softball concessions; update from Sandy Howe


Todd Hull-represented the Wrestling Co-op with expenses for state wrestling meet; Rob moved to set a dollar amount of $20/player/coach/bus driver towards their meals at State; Marissa seconded- motion passed.  

New Business

  • Concession payouts for classes from Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball- Tabled until next month
  • Start discussing potential dates for Spring Sports Banquet-Tabled until next month

Round table

Important Dates:

  • Coach’s Appreciation Dinner- 4/18/2020 @ 5:30 PM social hour; 6:30 PM dinner

Motion to adjourn:  Marissa motioned to adjourn, Lisa Thiele seconded- meeting adjourned.  


Next Booster Club Meeting:  April 8, 2020

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Minutes January 2020


January, 8, 2020


Members present include: Heather Frank, Kristy Arie, Cam Stone, Lisa McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Lisa Thiele, Doug Miller, Kristen Kimmel, Julie Ahlden, Trixie Pankey, Lisa Thiele, Marisa Perzee


MINUTES: October minutes were reviewed. Doug Miller moved to approve; Lisa McMillan seconded; All in favor- motion carried


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Treasurer’s report presented for October, November and December. Julie Ahlden moved to approve; Trixie Pankey seconded; All in favor- motion carried


Discussion on class pay out for working concessions- Trixie Pankey motion made to give 30% set to be donated to classes; Marisa seconded; motion carried



  • Small Freezer was purchased and is in supply closet; working great
  • Winter Sports Programs- Completed, 2 new ads- IKAN (Tip the Scales) and Iroquois Farmers State Bank (increased size); need to get invoice
  • Pack the Place- new date set for Girls’ 1/30/2020and Boys’ 2/21/2020 name changed to Senior Night


Zachary Meister from Iroquois Farmers State Bank


  • 2020 Coach’s Dinner- need to discuss date and venue
    • Tentative dates- March 6 (second choice) or April 18 (first choice)
    • Location- Shagbark Golf Course
    • Time- 5:30 drinks; 6:30 dinner
  • Girls’ Basketball HUDL subscription- discussion on Boys’ and Girls’ subscriptions would be $3,600; motion made by Cecilia Lopez; Trixie Pankey seconded
  • Football HUDL subscription; discussion on cost will be $1,900; will revisit in June
  • Patio furniture- donate back and raffle it off at the Coach’s Dinner 2020


  • Hometown Hero Award- looking into criteria, amount, etc.

Important Dates:

  • MS Boys Pack the Place- 1/23/2020
  • HS Boys’ Basketball- SVC Tournament 2/4-2/8
  • Winter Sports Awards- 3/3/2020 @ 7 PM


Next Booster Club Meeting:  February 12, 2020

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October Minutes


Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Members present: Cameron Stone; Kristie Aerie, Julie Alden, Sandy Howe, Kristen Kimmel, Lisa McMillan, Cecelia Lopez, Marissa Perzee, Rob Fink, Doug Miller, Trixie Pankey, Heather Frank

  • Sept Minutes-Cecelia approved; Marissa seconded 
  • Treasurer’s Report- presented. 
    • Lisa M. is going to help with the scholarship ideas We are up about $5,000 from last year.
    • We have plenty of pop left: May donate it to football for wings night.  If there’s an overabundance, it will go in the teacher’s lounge 
    • Golf outing donated $750 to the Booster Club
  • Doug miller moved to approve; Rob FInk seconded

Old Business

  • Inside concession stand-putting it on the back burner for now; We will revisit after the winter sports
  • Freezer for inside-Discussed a fridge/freezer combo; Depending on prices may get a small fridge or small deep freezer
  • Dippin dots– Tabled.  It was decided not to do for inside concession stands; Potentially for football and soccer next year.  After football season we will see if Josh can check out electric to see if it can eve sustain a freezer for the Dippin Dots.
  • MS game vs Gardner Nov 8
    • Food drive: Give raffle tickets for those that donate;  Winners go into a drawing for gift cards to Casey’s, Monicals and/or Subway.  1 raffle ticket per item donated. 
    • We will also do a 50/50 raffle that night and all proceeds would go towards food pantry
    • We will have an apparel table– Trixie is going to see if Parents will run the apparel table
  • Sports Banquet Dates- all 7 pm starts

Fall: Nov 4- Julie Alden grabbing cookies on the way-Heather is ordering

Winter: March 3

Spring: May 21

Guests:  Zachary Meister from Iroquois Farmers Bank 

New Business

  • Pack the Place Dates for HS Girls and Boys basketball
    • Girls: Friday, December 20th– Christmas/Pack the place (Heather, Trixie, Cecilia are going to organize)
    • Boys: January
  • MS concession chairs for boys basketball and MS volleyball
  • Winter programs- first home basketball game is girls on Dec 2, none for boys until Jan 10.  – Zachary Meister is helping out with that
  • Tournaments?TCC– Middle School Conference: 7, 9, 11th– 4 games starting at 9
    • Holiday Hoops: Inserts for the program with coupons–Trixie is going to chat with local businesses on doing some kind of deal/coupon
    • JV Boys basketball tournament?  Kristy is going to look into getting us into something
  • Cleaning out outside concession stand—the football team is going to take that on Wednesday October 30th– Heather is going to meet them there 3:30 start time
  • Thank yous for  football: Cindy G, pork producers(and check), fire dept, businesses
    • Lisa M. and Lisa T. will work on those. 
  • Any Long term goals–Bleachers
  • Nov and Dec Meeting-Not having any as long as there is nothing pressing; Heather will send messages if/when needed. 


Round table

Important Dates:

  • Oct 18 Senior night- A patio set is being raffled off (donated by Danforth Bank)
    • Going to see if some athletes could sell raffle tickets during the game at the gate
  • Nov 4. Sports Banquet– Julie getting cookies on the way


Rob moved to adjourn and Doug seconded


Next Booster Club meeting Jan 8th?


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September Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- September 11, 2019

Members present include: Heather Frank, Kristy Arie, Cam Stone, Lisa McMillan, Trixie Pankey, Marisa Perzee, Lisa Thiele, Rob Fink, Kristen Kimmel, Jenny Leonard, Doug Miller, and Sandy Howe

MINUTES: August minutes were reviewed.  Marissa moved to approve; Lisa M. seconded; everybody was in favormotion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented.  Doug Miller moved to approve; Rob Fink seconded; everybody was in favor- motion carried


  • 9/13 Hometown Heroes Night
    • Morgan Connor wrote tribute; Shannon is reading Friday night at the game while the flag is out, followed with a moment of silence. Kids practiced last night with the flag.  
    • Prospect bank providing towels to hand out in remembrance of 9/11
  • 9/27 Youth Football/Tailgate night 
    • Lisa M. is pulling things together this week; Jenny, Marissa and Julie plan to assist in pulling things together. Doing the tailgate from 5:30-6:30.
      • last year we had cotton candy, pork chops, games, photo booth, food pantry donations
  • 10/11 Homecoming
    • Heather is working on getting signs outside and hanging the signs on the top of the bleachers
      • We need somebody to get the signs down from the poles by the bank.
      • Golf cart in the parade–Lisa M. 
  • Shirts, Apparel and passes- all selling well!!!  Up to 152 passes and last year we did 118.  We have had 3 re-orders to Iroquois Print.  
    • We are not going to do any more re-orders
  • Concession Stands- with the classes/students helping run, is going smoothly
  • Cash Bash final profits– $6,500.96 


GUESTS: Zachary Meister– Iroquois Farmers bank



  • Handing out Decals—going well
  • Freezer is out (that was the freezer that contained the cookies)
    • Zachary Meister offered to purchase a new freezer if a used one is not located; The Junior class president needs to take care of the cookies after the freezer is purchased. 
  • Yearbook Distribution
    • Proposed to give Zach a gift certificate for helping; $25 to Monicals and $25 to Pizza Palace.  Motion passed—all agreed 
  • Athletic Banquet dates
    • Kristy is going to look up the dates and will follow up the next meeting; (November 4th is potentially the date)
  • Pack the Place Dates (High school)
    • October 3rd was selected;  Trixie submitting to the newspaper
      • We will be throwing out shirts and will have a raffle for gear
      • Lisa M. and Sandy H. offered to hand out raffle tickets that night
    • Pack the stands for soccer was also proposed for October; the game starts at 6 pm. 
      • Raffle ticket for raider wear and throwing out shirts
  • Dippin’ Dots
    • Jenny Leonard has been in contact with them.  They supply the freezer and stock the ice cream- 8 different flavors
        • Cost is $2.09 a package/ suggested selling price $3.50-$5
  • Concession stand
    • Knocking the wall out between the storage container and concession 
      • Heather is going to talk to Josh about it with the school board to check into cost and details of what it would take.
  • Cross Country/Track payment for ads
    • $200 ($100 to cross country and $100 to track) was motioned by Trixie; Julie A. seconded the motion- all agreed
  • MS student council contact and payment
    • Contact person is now Kari (Kwiatkowski) Sywenski
  • Pack the Place (Middle School)/8th grade nights: 
    • MS girls basketball starts November 26th
    • MS boys basketball 1/23 
    • MS volleyball 2/27 
  • We were asked to donate a basket for Ol’ Boys auction
    • 2 cozies, 2 t-shirts and 1 sweatshirt was agreed upon
  • Dave Alvarez wants to hand out coupons for $ off appetizer after the game Friday (9/3)



NEXT MEETING: October 16th at 7pm

Julie moved to adjourn; Rob seconded

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July Minutes

IW Booster Minutes- July 31, 2019

Members present include: Kristy Arie, Lisa McMillan, Cecilia Lopez, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Kristen Kimmel, Marisa Perzee, Rob Fink, Lisa Thiele, Jim Price

MINUTES: June minutes were reviewed.  Julie moved to approve; Marisa seconded; All infavor- motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: – Treasurer’s report presented. Julie moved to approve; Robseconded; All in favor- motion carried


  • Equipment Purchases- None
  • Ad Sales- Ad checks are still coming in
    • We are a bit short from last year
    • BSN- will donate $75; they will deduct this from their bill for IW
  • Concessions- Next year concessions/chairs for sports
    • Will meet combine class sponsors with Booster Club and have classes do concessions; Booster Club will give a donation 
      • Soccer-
      • JV Football (3 Games) and Volleyball-
      • Football Game Cookies- will be ordered by school and charged to Booster Club
      • Girls’ Basketball- open 
      • Boys’ Basketball- Juniors have done in the past
  • Apparel- Apparel for next year and hats from football
    • Sold well at Registration Day
  • Summer fees- bills pending; will submit to Heather to get reimbursed
  • Check list- Distributed to be done at last meeting
    • Pocket calendars- done
    • Sports program- pending
    • Order for concessions- pending
    • Pork Producers- done
    • Cindy Guttendorf- done
    • Popcorn donation and bags- done
    • Napkins- done
    • Business to work- some pending
    • Class sponsor meeting and concession chairs; scheduled for 8/15 @ 7:30 P.M.
    • Apparel Chairs- done
    • Ad shirts and apparel to sell at games- done
    • Fire Dept contact- some departments still pending




  • Vice President for Danforth- Lisa McMillan nominated Sandy Howe; Marisa seconded; motion carried
  • Meet the Raiders- August 23rd Concessions will ask Rifle Club 
  • Country Financial- Would like to meet with Booster President and Athletic Director to discuss ideas they would like to do for the school and become involved in the community
  • Pork Chop Sale ads for paper- Ask Trixie to do
  • Concession clean out- Date set for August 14th at 6
  • Continue discussion of fundraisers, 
    • Cash Bash
      • 10 tickets left as of 7/31/19


  • Cam Stone- New trophy case at MS is needing replaced due to water leak; asked to help cover some costs once total is received
  • Theme Night for Football games
    • 8/30- Cheer Camp Night
    • 9/13- Hero Night
    • 9/27- Youth Football League- Tailgate 
    • 10/11- Homecoming
    • 10/18- Senior Night

Rob moved to adjourn meeting; Lisa seconded

NEXT MEETING: August 14th at 7 P.M.

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June Mintues

IW Booster Minutes-June 12, 2019 

Members present include Heather Frank, Lisa McMillan, Julie Ahlden, Kristen Kimmel, Marisa Perzee, Coach Stone, Coach Massey 

MINUTES-May 2019 minutes were reviewed. Julie moved to approve; Lisa seconded; All in favor-motion carried 

TREASURER’S REPORT– Treasurer’s report presented. Lisa moved to approve; Marisa seconded; All in favor-motion carried 


EQUIPMENT PURCHASES: Gator has been purchased 

AD SALES: Track team have been around to businesses. Heather is going to update the list and send to Coach Massey. He will follow up with businesses. 

CONCESSIONS: Talk about at July meeting 

APPAREL: Coach Stone will be ordering hats. 18 ball caps, 12 visors & 12 stocking caps for Booster’s 


OFFICER ELECTIONS: Lisa nominated Heather Frank to continue as President, Kristen Kimmel to continue as Treasurer, Cecilia Lopez and Lisa Thiele to share the Secretary position; Coach Stone seconded; all in favor. Other officers were elected unanimously. Carrie Davis step down from Danforth VP 

VP GILMAN: Marisa Perzee 

VP ONARGA: Rob Fink 


VP THAWVILLE: Doug Miller 


MEDIA CHAIR: Trixie Pankey 

APPAREL CHAIR: Cecilia & Lisa 

DUTIES: Duties were assigned as follows. 

Pocket Calendars: Coach Stone 

Finalize sports programs: Heather 

Order for Concessions: Heather 

Pork Producers: Julie Ahlden 

Talk to Cindy Guttendorf: Lisa 

Popcorn donation and bags: Kristen 

Napkins: Prospect & Onarga Bank-Lisa; Farmer State Bank-Rob 

Businesses to work concessions: Lisa 

Class sponsor meeting and concession chairs: Heather & Marisa 

Apparel chairs: Cecilia & Lisa 

Ad shirts and apparel to sell at games: Lisa (Heather will send ad list to Cheryl) 

Fire Dept Contact: Marisa 

CASH BASH DISCUSSION: 78 tickets sold so far 

GOLF OUTING: July 27th, coach needs to let Boosters know as soon as possible if they are needed to work 

ROUND TABLE: *Bricks found on ground. Jason Ahlden will take a look at them. *Theme night ideas for home football games: Tailgate party, mini cheerleading camp, 

Youth football night (Sept 13th) 

IMPORTANT DATES: *Registration- *Cash Bash-Aug 17th 

Julie moved to adjourn NEXT MEETING: July 31st 7:00 @ IWHS 

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Minutes March 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT-Coach Stone, Coach Arie, Rob Fink, Julie Ahlden, Heather Frank, Trixie Pankey,  Marissa Perzee, Jeff McMillan, Tony Miller and Dalton Reed

MINUTES: Febuary minutes were approved by Julie , Rob Fink seconded: all in favor.  

TREASURE’S REPORT: February report read by Heather and made a motion to approve, Julie seconded, all in favor.  


Pay out 40% to Junior Class for Basketball concessions

Send bill to Iroquois Federal for reimbursement of popcorn

Coaches dinner went very well  at Shagbark and will consider doing it there again next year

Pitching machine is already in and being used by baseball team and track team needed indoor equipment instead of high jump.  Big tent was ordered

Via email we had decided to reimburse state wresting for their dinner on the way home from state tournament.  Kristin will reimburse.



We received a $634 donation from memorial of Becky Pankey that was earmarked for football

Discussed cleaning out concession stands

Heather will email Coach Massey about ads and hopefully get other volunteers

New advertisers were discussed to send letters to-Freetime Fitness, Jason Scharp, and new Veterinarian.  Heather said she would mail/emaill out letters

Heather will give Junior class some old apparel to give out at post prom

Cash Bash was tabled until the next meeting

Discussion was had on next year’s concession being ran by different classes in the fall- volleyball, soccer, and maybe JV football.  Also would add in cookies to the concessions. We then would give the classes a percent like we do the junior class for basketball. Coach Arie said she would discuss it with Mr. Houberg.  

Discussion on plaques for wrestling in the trophy case. Coach  Arie was going to talk to Central to try to mimick what they do.

Rob Moved to adjourn and Julie seconded.